We use our best efforts to make sure that all requirements are met, ensuring a feeling of comfort, orderliness, safety and security for our customers and our customers’ clients. To provide our partners with high-standard services in the long run, we continuously integrate the latest technologies and innovative trends in our day-to-day operation, while we keep flexibly adapting to changes in our environment and in our customers’ needs and requirements. We not only assess, but also understand our customer’s goals so that we can create real value beyond their expectations. We create an environment where safety is a priority, so tenants do not have to worry about unnecessary, preventable risks.

As a responsible owner of shared spaces we believe the key to success is commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, along with a range of high quality services and a stable background including a highly motivated team of specialists.

With these ideas in mind, we create a framework for safety and comfort with the same care and attention as we would in our own homes.

Our story

since its foundation in 1989, our company has come a long way.

Our values.

At Frame Group, we also pay special attention to protecting our environment and being socially responsible.

Social commitments

Our organisational structure and team.

The Group is managed by a 5-member Board of Directors. Separate divisions have been created for our three service areas, which are served by centralised procurement, finance, HR, sales, marketing and operations. To maintain our agile and flexible ability to react to the market, we are grateful to our nearly 500 dedicated employees who are active in the building management, construction and energy sectors and who contribute significantly to the success of our Group with their expertise.


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